Alim Kamara (left) and Joseph Woldemariam (right) are two filmmakers from the DMV who have been actively culling their artistic voice since 2015. The duo’s unique perspective and renegade mentality is conveyed through their guerrilla style production and cooperative story telling techniques. After several years of finding their footing as photographers, BEWARE! is preparing to make the shift into the land of the moving image. Current studies are focused on the effects of a space on person to person relationships. This is motivated by a desire to better understand themselves as they transition from boys into men; carving out a home completely independent from the one their parents had built for them. Their upcoming film ______ is designed to reveal the other side of the story by exposing the many sides of ourselves.


Gone, for now.


Currently digging his own grave.

:: We're building a home together; the room is yours if you want it ::