Welcome… We have been anticipating your return.


Looks like you have finally made it! Make yourself at home, though I must advise you tread softly. My name is Joseph Woldemariam(right) and here the Founder of this creative company Alim Kamara (left), and we will serve as your guide through this incomplete manual detailing the creative work horse that is BEWARE!. While navigating our content keep an open mind, and please understand that we are not your average establishment. While most organizations of our kind are focused on projecting their own image, at BEWARE! there is a different goal. We are pushing to take the “popular” out of popular culture. By discouraging complacency and celebrating individuality, young millennials can learn to live productive lives without the added burden of projecting an image to fit in. Now we know you may need convincing, so all we ask is that you watch as we assemble an all star team of young artists who operate independently from the hype. Take notes as each individual breaks barriers in their respective fields, and apply these principles to your own life.


... but I digress

These things I cannot explain. Please do not rack your brains. You Simple Minds.




Alim Kamara(left)- Alim unofficially founded this company during the latter portion of his 11th grade year in high school with the intention of pursuing a career in fashion and design. Not understanding the ins and outs of the fashion industry contributed to his unorthodox (and at times immature) approach to the craft. He was known at school for haplessly scrawling "BEWARE!” anywhere he could manage. After graduating from high school, he took a more mature approach. Alim focused on developing stimulating photographs and visuals, which has helped him get to where he is today.


  Joseph Woldemariam(right)- Since he was two years old, Joseph has been reading anything he could get his hands on. This love for the written word was embodied in the many short stories he would compose as a child. This pastime would not become present in Joseph’s life again until the beginning of his eleventh grade year, when he garnered a growing interest in the art of filmmaking. Almost immediately after he realized this, as if ordained by Jove himself, Joseph and Alim crossed paths. It was then that he heard about BEWARE!, and approached Alim with the idea of nurturing his brainchild together. Ever since that moment, Joseph has been experimenting with all forms of written expression and visual multimedia as co-curator of this movement.